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Tarun Tahiliani Bloom Bridal Dresses Collection



Modern Indian brides are modern empresses who see their wedding as an extension of themselves. She seeks romantic events, unique decor, rich colors, and memories she will cherish for the rest of her life. You can view each sliver in her table options, invitations and keepsakes. She knows her loved ones are having a great time. They are dancing, relaxing, and enjoying themselves. You can also talk about interval!

“Bloom charms Indian brides with an activity from many cultures. It is a symbol of our era. Bloom is a sensitive combination of creative traditions and the pragmatic nature of the times we live in. Designer Tarun Tahiliani 2022 says that flowers are just as important as flowers.

There are over 80 pieces of bridal couture, event and festive wear. This is the beginning of the coming together method, craftsmanship and development. Modern occasion wear is now available in new avatars to suit the stylish bride. Couture is all about contoured design, unique fabrics, and sensually molded shapes. It allows you to dance all night long with ease and comfort.

Tarun Tahiliana Bridal Wear Collection 2022

About what was most likely a first at any India Couture Week show, Tarun smashed from tradition and closed the display with an unknown ‘non-show-stopper-show-stopper’ who else donned an easy but spectacular ‘work in progress’ bright tulle dress combined with a delicacy netmask. To emphasize the dress, the cover-up hides the face of the individual and makes a statement about its identity and the art and craft that went into its creation. This was done to shine a bright spotlight on the gowns that truly were the stars of the evening.

The modern bride is the star of the bridal wear dresses 2022 collection. She chooses soft pastels like peach, blush, coral, dusty rose and coral to dominate the display. For pre-wedding events and cocktails, she chooses electric blue, dark violet, and plum from rich color schemes. She chooses heavy, earthy Indian colors for the Mehendi or poojas. Kashida is a fine zari performer that uses prints. Jammer and Resham thread embroidery ensure that her dress doesn’t downplay the bride. To create a beautiful and dramatic look, floral motifs are combined with French knots and tulle. Fluffs of elaborate Resham-crystal-baadla, dazzling Swarovski crystals embellish personalized crinolines for every lehenga.

The new variety combines iconic European design with traditional Indian embroideries and styles. This is an example of an ‘India Modern” aesthetic. The new voice of tradition is embodied in the organized lightness inside every ornament. One that proudly carries rich traditions into a modern lifestyle.

“We have many Swarovski since the ’90s. The most luxurious and original designs created with Swarovski crystals have been admired by this long-standing, successful organization. We Indians love the sparkle of a gemstone and the lightening effect, especially for weddings. It is therefore a complete new with collaborating Swarovski to create magical dresses using traditional Indian methods.” Tahiliani says in relation with Swarovski.

Vivek Ramabhadran, Vice President, Asia South and Africa Region, Swarovski Professional said that Swarovski continues to build its long-term, innovative partnerships with India. He also expressed his delight in the collection. Our partnership with Tarun Tahiliani is worth it. We have been working closely with him over the years to bring vision to his unique design elegance. Tarun is one of the most prominent Indian fashion designers. He has always outdone himself with his previous collections, and created illustrious styles that are enhanced by Swarovski crystals. Tarun is still to cover the BLOOM Swarovski-encrusted collection. It’s the perfect blend of design, creativity, passion, and Tarun’s signature design. India Couture Week 19 couldn’t be more spectacular.

Paramani Jewels has added elegance and fashion to the collection with fine polki and jadau pieces. “For Tarun Tahiliani’s ICW’19 collection – Bloom, all of us at Shri Paramani Jewelry curated unique floral designs for the jewelry style. Other motifs are also being used, including the fish motif and traditional poppy flower motifs. Paramani Jewels owner Vinay Gupta states that valuable stones like Burma rubies and rose-cut diamonds with intense designing cultures were used to enhance this year’s unique collection of fine handcrafted jewelry. However, there is still plenty of Victorian-style jewelry in the collection.

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