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9 Tips and Tricks to Buy Clothes Online like a Pro



9 Tips and Tricks to Buy Clothes Online like a Pro

Online shopping has many benefits. There is no need to stand in long lines, change your clothes or leave the house. While it has many benefits, there are also some drawbacks. For example, those killer jeans that come in three sizes too big. These 10 tips will save you time and hassle when shopping Buy Clothes Online. These tips will make your next shopping trip a breeze.

Know your measurements.

We all know that sizes can vary depending on brand and the batch they were made in. You can easily find this information in the store by going to the dressing area. However, online shopping is not as convenient. Unless your store uses True Fit, you will need to measure your bust, waist and hips. Are you unsure where to start? This guide will help you get started. You can also ask your local seamstress or tailor to do it for. This will ensure that you get the best measurements.

Take a look at the size charts.

Check out your new measurements before you go to the virtual checkout. This will help you determine the size of the order. You’ll need to dig deeper if you shop on sites like ASOS, Net-a-Porter, or Shopbop, which carry multiple brands.

It’s a good idea to look at the size chart of the designer’s website before you buy. The ones on online shopping sites tend to be more general guidelines. The chart on the website suggests that you order jeans in a size 8, but the company may recommend ordering a 10 or 11. You might also want to consider the size of the model. Sometimes, her height can give you an idea about how long or short a piece is.

Check out the reviews.

Since customer reviews give you a real view of the item, they are very valuable information. To get an idea of whether the item is true to size or if it will need to be sized up or down, scan for comments about size, fit, and quality. Although the item may appear to be on point, it could end up looking a bit tight around the bust, and loose at the hips.

Materials for research.

The material’s feel is as important as its size. Nothing is worse than receiving the dress you have been waiting for, and then finding out that it feels like sandpaper. It’s important to be familiar with the fabric content as you cannot touch it and can often not tell the difference by just looking at a photograph. Look through your closet to find the pieces you love most. Also, take note of any that feel itchy, stuffy, or uncomfortable. You can use this information to help you shop online by taking note of the material composition. You’ll be able to tell if you don’t like polyester or the top you are about to purchase is about it that it’s best to pass.

Take a look at the catwalk.

It is easy to be deceived by photos. If you get the chance to see a piece of clothing in action, don’t hesitate. ASOS, Warehouse, and Net-a-Porter all offer videos along with product photos to show shoppers how clothes look in real life.

Flexibility is key.

It is possible for a color to appear differently on screen than it does in real life. Color can also vary from batch to batch. You should expect that your products will arrive in slightly different colors, but if they don’t meet your expectations (e.g. burnt orange turning into neon), you should send it back.

Take a second look at the return policies.

Even if you have followed the steps above, sometimes there will be disappointment. Before you place an order, be prepared to read the return policies. You should look out for free returns, return policies that allow you to exchange the product, return time limits, and whether you are allowed to return it in-store.

Take note.

You can keep a list of all the online brands and retailers you have shopped with. Keep track of what sizes you ordered, and how they fit. It will make it much easier to purchase future items. You’ll not only have a list of brands you like, but also know exactly how they operate.

Begin to know your local tailor. Even if it doesn’t fit perfectly, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong to return it. You can take it to your local tailor or seamstress for some adjustments. This works best if the garment’s size is slightly larger. If it’s too small, it will likely be returned.

Modify your cart.

It’s easy to buy impulse items online when you don’t have to carry your shopping bags around. You can avoid regretting buying something later. Ask yourself if you really need it, if you can pair it with other items, and if you would wear it.

Online shopping is great because you can store your items for up to 60-days in certain cases. This gives you plenty of time to think about your purchase. You can still buy that floral maxi dress you love a few days later. It’s best to get rid of it if it loses its appeal.

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