Where is the Bikini Line?

Coochy Shave Cream It’s bathing suit season, and I don’t want to be sporting razor irritation on my bikini line bumps. These bumps can be difficult to avoid, however. The bumps will always show up no matter how careful or thorough you are with shaving. They’re embarrassing, too! They’re embarrassing, too!

Pure Romance is here to save the swimsuit season, ladies! The spicy home party planning company has exactly what you need when it comes to getting your body ready to show some skin. Amanda Burns, an independent Pure Romance consultant. To make sure I was ready for the beach in a few weeks, Amanda Burns offered to send me a bottle Pure Romance’s Coochy Shave Cream.

Pure Romance Original: Cochy Rash-Free Shave Cream

Pure Romance’s sexy shaving product has been talked about a lot and I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to test it out. Amanda sent me my Coochy package one afternoon. I decided to give it a try the next day. Coochy was there with me when I went to the shower on Saturday morning. Coochy Shave Cream can be used by both men and women health supplements. This will eliminate embarrassing bumps and make you feel less embarrassed.

I used the Coochy Shave cream by simply rubbing the cream on my legs. This is not a thick shaving cream. It glides on the skin and conditions it. It’s all you need. You don’t have to sharpen your razor. And you can clearly see where you are going. Pure Romance’s Coochy Shave cream has been used to shave and a haircut my legs and underarms. The results have been amazing! My skin felt soft and smooth throughout the day, thanks to a smooth, bump-free shave. Although I normally shave every day, Coochy has allowed me to go two days without shaving.

I cannot wait to try the Coochy Shave cream while on vacation in a few weeks! I will be on vacation with my family and I don’t want to spend 15 minutes doing shave touches ups before I head to the beach. Amanda has made it easy for me to shave every other day, so I now have Coochy Shave cream in my bag.

Coochy Shave Cream Features

  • Coochy is a shaving lotion that can be used by both men and women fashion.
  • Red bumps can occur in the legs, underarms and bikini area.
  • Doubles up as a mild moisturizing conditioner for hair.
  • Available in 4 fl. oz. / 120 ml. 8 fl. oz. / 240 ml. sizes.

Available in: Original, Mediterranean Fig, Pear Berry and Green Tea

These scents sound delicious! My husband has yet to try the Coochy, but I will keep trying to convince him. The Coochy can be used as a hair conditioner! It’s something I’ve never tried, but I will! Why not? It’s something that everyone will love!

Pure Romance offers a wide range of products. I have gotten over my shyness when browsing Pure Romance’s products and found some great bath and body products I would love to try. These are just a few of the many products I have found.

Coochy Shave Cream

Coochy Rash-Free Shave Creme contains jojoba and skin and hair conditioning agents to ensure a smooth, easy shave every single time. Coochy softens hair to allow your razor to cut it easily without pulling. This will leave you with a smooth, clean, and rash-free shave. Coochy can be used anywhere on the body: legs, arms and underarms, intimacies, the head, and even the skin.

Au Natural (Fragrance Free) – Get a simple, no-nonsense shave from au natural. The fragrance-free formula is so gentle that you’ll be unable to resist touching your skin again and again.

Frosted Cake – Sweeten your skin’s touch with frosted cakes. This delicious fragrance is infused with vanilla, buttercream, and lilacs. Every bite will be a delight.

Green Tease – Enjoy sensual serenity with green Tease. This fragrance is a blend of green tea, lemon, and bergamot. You’ll love to sink into the soothing scent.

Floral Haze – A petal softness that combines blue violet and sweet pea with a blushing of powdery white cedar. It’s soft and sweet, but not too sweet.

Be Original – Start a passionate conversation by being original. This signature scent is infused with orange blossoms, vanilla and gardenias. You’ll love the powdery texture of this fragrance.

Sweet Nectar (Pear Berry), – Enjoy the many benefits of sweet nectar. This fruity scent is infused with wild berries, pear and apply blossoms.

Island Paradise is a tropical adventure that takes you to an island paradise. This fragrance is infused with juicy acai berries and sensually sweet mangosteen. You’ll be amazed at the beauty of this scent.