Beautiful Look Smokey Eyes Makeup Trends

What are the top trends in smokey eyes for 2022? These are the best beauty looks you can copy!

Smoky eyes are back in fashion ahead of the 2022 summer season in dramatic versions! Let’s discover together which eye makeup trends are most popular among women and celebrities around the globe.

Smokey Eyes Trends 2022

In recent months, we have seen a return to soft smokey eyes with lighter shades. The masks that limit the use lip products make this look the most popular of the 2022 beauty trends. The classic smokey eye look dominates the scene, with its dark and intense tones. Surprise surprise, there were lots of intensely darkened, brown, and grey-toned smokey eyes on the Spring Summer catwalks. You can get bold, sexy eyes with this eye makeup!

Dark Smokey Eyes for 2022

Black eyes, especially dark smokey eyes, are a favorite of many divas. This eye makeup can be traced back to Sumerians who used black powders to define their eyes. The 1920s saw the rise of dark smokey eyes. This is still a popular look today.

For red carpet events and social photos with millions of likes, celebrities love smokey eyes with dark colors. They are also the most requested by catwalk designers, as Chanel demonstrated this year.

The Trend for 2022: Dark Smoky Eyes

Lucia Pica, Chanel’s Global Creative Colour and Makeup Designer, wanted magnetic smokey eyes that were inspired by cinema. The next season’s make-up proposals are based on minimalism and beauty looks that pay tribute to Hollywood stars.

To create Chanel’s eye makeup, Grey powders from Blurry Grey Palette were mixed with Black powders of the Modern Glamour Palette. Then, a little bit of black mascara was added to the upper lashes. This is combined with a matte face makeup. The lip makeup was done with a touch of Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme Modern lipstick and Le Crayon Levres Nude brun pencil. Are you a fan of Chanel make-up? You can see the Chanel Joues Contraste blushes.

How to make the Trendy Smokey Eyes of 2022

You can see that dramatic makeup is not easy to do. It takes the right products to create the perfect shade. We must ensure that the products we use are not too powdery and written. First, choose an eye primer that will hold eye shadows. The next step is to choose the correct black pencil for use as a base. We can, for example, use the Kajal Crayon black pencil by MAC. It is specifically designed to create smokey eyes. These products are richly saturated in color, so they will last a long time without melting.

Next, we need to identify the palettes that contain pigmented powders that can be used to define our shade. Here are some examples. These are the darker shades in the Chanel Ombre Premiere eyeshadow line. But, we can also look at the Natasha Denona Glam palette’s different shades of grey or the highly pigmented matte eyeshadows from the Huda Beauty Haze Obsessions palette that was specifically made for this type.

After applying the pencil and blending it, we will apply the dark eyeshadow. This should be applied starting at the lash line and ending at the bottom of the mobile eyelid. To create a sophisticated, dark shade, we blend the eyeshadows (black, anthracite and blue) carefully. We then move on to the darker shades. You can finish the look by adding a little pencil to the lower rim, or replacing the pencil with the same dark shadows that we used on our eyelids. This eye makeup is a must-have! This eye makeup is perfect for people with protruding or enlarged eyes because it softens them.

Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani and others recommend a neutral lipstick to keep the eye’s focus on your eyes. These are some interesting ideas. You can choose from either the Bobbi brown New Real Nudes or the Natasha Denona, I Need a Nude lipsticks.

This kind of makeup is a favorite. Learn how to create bright smokey eyes, and how to achieve charcoal gray smokey eyes.