Here are the top 10 fashion tips from stylish women

Here are the top 10 fashion tips from stylish women

Balancing work, family, and your personal time can make it seem difficult to look stylish every day. We asked our Stylists to share their tips and tricks for achieving the highest level of stylish women.


While you can’t always plan for everything, don’t let your mornings be a surprise. If you want to save time and have stress-free mornings, try outfit planning.


Find stylish women to follow, regardless of whether they are your sister’s favorite Instagram fashion star or your best friend. Seek out fashionistas that inspire you, and use their photos as inspiration for your outfit planning (see tip #1). Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our Pinterest and Instagram boards to get endless inspiration from our most stylish women.” –Stylist Jennifer M.

If you are unsure, (OVER)DRESS

“If you’re ever indecisive about what to wear or where you’ll be going, take into account your destination and the people who will be there. Dress more elegantly when in doubt. Angela G., Stylist.

Step outside your comfort zone

“It’s never wrong to try something new. Great style comes from trying new things, no matter if it is a new bright hue or changing from your normal neutrals to something more masculine. “Who knows what trend you might fall in love with?” –Stylist Jennifer M.


“Remember to always wear at least one accessory. This could be a statement necklace, a bright-colored bag, great earrings or all three. A statement piece can make an ensemble stand out in seconds. –Stylist Stephania S.


A capsule wardrobe is the secret weapon of a stylist. A capsule wardrobe can help you eliminate the stress of shopping and can allow you to mix and match with ease. You can invest in timeless pieces that will last a lifetime like classics such as a pair of jeans or a simple LBD, and timeless jewelry.” –Stylist Stephania S.


“When it is about footwear, color, pattern, and style pack an enormous aesthetic punch–and don’t necessarily have to be super-high heels. Flats can make that same statement and your feet won’t mind. Even if you’re not trying to make your look more formal, a printed flat, or a pop of color wedge, can help make your outfit seem more deliberate.” Jennifer M.


You need to have that “wow” factor every once in a while. Keep something on hand for those days when you really need to look stylish, whether it be a pair or vintage boots that are over-the-knee, or a chic handbag.

Find out your body shape

“The golden rule to stylish women? Fit first. It is important to understand your body. You might be a small pear shape with a preference for highlighting your shoulders. Your closet should reflect your body and highlight your favorite features.

Age is just one number

When it comes to trying out a new trend, or wearing a piece that you like, don’t let your age stop you from trying something different. Looking to sport a pair boyfriend jeans for a 62-year-old woman? You should try it! Want to be 22 but want to change into a more business-focused, buttoned up closet? Megan S., Stylist: “Button it up!”

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