Pattu Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees In India

Beautiful and elegant pattu sarees 2022 require beautiful blouse designs for silk-sarees. Anyone who has ever worn a saree knows that a beautiful saree can lose its charm if it is paired with a poor blouse.

Let’s take a look at some of the most stylish silk blouses to match your beautiful pattu saree 2022.

The saree itself is not the only thing that must match, but the pattu blouse designs 2022 also have to suit your body. The neck design and sleeves should be elegant, fashionable, and comfortable. We have selected the most attractive silk saree designs and you are sure to find something that will match your saree.

  1. Best Banaras Pattu Saree Blouse 2022 With Mirror Work & Gota Patti

This stunning Banaras pattu blouse features heavy embellishment on the sleeves and comes in a rich, leafy green shade. This blouse is a stylish choice for girls who want to stand out in their sarees. The delicate and intricate floral mirror work on its sleeves makes it a fashionable option. Complex and trendy, the gota patti work also looks great.

  1. Kanchipuram Silk Pattu Saree Blouse with Kundan & Resham work 2022

This stunning kanchipuram silk blouse is the perfect companion to a silk saree. The blouse is soft in color and delicate in mustard-gold. The beautiful kundan and resham work on the sleeves as well as the neck make it a focal point. Also, the subtle hints of green really enhance the other colours.

  1. Beautiful Neem Green and Magenta mysore pattu blouse with Zardosi Work

The blouse is usually more noticeable than the actual saree. This is the case with this Mysore Pattu blouse 2022. Two-tone blouses in two shades are a great choice because of their intricate zardosi and embroidery. The delicate saree adds elegance to the ensemble and is suitable for almost any girl.

  1. Red Pochampally Pattu Blouse with Extravagant Mirrorwork

This Pochampally Pattu blouse design for silk sarees is a classic choice. It has been done to perfection. Because the neck and sleeves have their own unique sensuous appeal, the orange, red, and bronze colours work together perfectly to create a compelling colour design. This blouse is a good choice for girls who want a classic, chic and classy blouse that can be worn to all occasions.

  1. Silk Sarees With Gold Designer Uppada pattu Blouse

Although the pattern behind this short-sleeve pattu blouse design is simple, it is not easy to see how it will look on pattu saris. The sleeves and back of the blouse are replaced by embroidered beads, stones, and mirrors. This leaves the front with a little twist and lots of new, gold benefits. Elegance is also provided by the simple patch function. For an extraordinary look, pair this Uppada pattu blouse with a gorgeous red-colored saree.

  1. Best Amaranth Magenta yellow long-sleeve raw silk blouse 2022

Sometimes, it is best to keep things simple. This blouse 2022 in amaranth and magenta is a great example of this. This blouse is a great choice for girls who want to be calm and stylish.

  1. Stylish Zardosi Cut & Tassels Blouse 2022 with Back Neck Design

This stunning looking flower function blouse design features an attractive open-cut back design, as well as a back neck design with amazing kundan work embroidery around the periphery and sleeves. The blouse’s tassels, gorgeous designs and the rest of it all come together to create a strong piece that will make jaws drop when paired with the finest saree.

  1. Decorated Kundan & Gota Patti Oval Back Neck Design Blouse For Silk Sarees

Another design that is very popular is the oval back. This design is especially attractive when it comes in such a beautiful colour and is adorned with so many gorgeous accessories. This blouse design for silk sarees is great because it looks royal like it has always. The combination of red, gold, and green looks just as royal.

  1. Purple Plain Design for Pattu Blouse with Deep Neck

This beautiful, simple, purple silk blouse is a Pattu blouse design for silk sarees. The pattu blouse’s smooth sheen makes it stand out and will make any woman happy to wear her favorite saree. This design is simple and elegant in its plain form.

  1. White blouse with deep back neck design 2022 and Resham work

This blouse is a great choice for anyone looking for something a little more unique. This blouse features large floral images in resham function throughout. It has a unique deep back neck design that is symmetrical and yet unusual. This blouse will look very ethereal when paired with a peach of a similar or smoother color.