Tips For Using An Eyelash Serum

Long lashes that flutter fluttery are everyone’s dream; our faces depend on them daily! However, not all of us were blessed with long and thick lashes from birth. LashPro vippeserum is our most popular offering to treat eyebrows and lashes, containing powerful antioxidants, multivitamins and nourishing active ingredients that create an oil for both lashes and eyebrows.

However, this shouldn’t be a cause for worry; with natural solutions and cosmetic derivatives available today you can have lush eyelashes that are full and long in an instant! Eyelashes provide natural protection from dust, dirt, filth and grime entering our delicate eyes which may lead to redness, irritation or swelling; longer eyelashes will protect them by stopping debris from getting infiltrating them into your eyes and thus prevent redness, irritation or swelling occurring.

Go over the Eyelash Serum’s Information Label or Leaflet Carefully

To achieve maximum effectiveness from an eyelash growth serum, it’s vitally important to carefully follow all instructions provided in its information booklet. Examine all ingredients found within eyelash cream; be aware of which products you put into your eyes; avoid those containing allergenic substances as these could have negative side-effects such as irritation and redness of eyes.

Make an everyday habit of applying an eyelash serum

Apply lash growth serums daily for maximum effectiveness, and if you miss an application day it’s best to repeat on the following one. Even if your schedule is full and demanding, stick with a routine in order to reap its advantages!

Clean your face and hands right before the eyelash serum application

Prior to applying lash growth serum, thoroughly wash both hands and face. Make sure they are both free of makeup or dirt that could prevent its absorption by your eyelashes; makeup blockers such as eyeliner or mascara remover are an invaluable asset in this regard.

Do not rub your eyes after using a lash serum

Once mascara growth cream has been applied to your eyes, do not rub or irritate them by touching them, as this could cause severe eye irritation. In such a scenario, immediately wash with water or consult an eye care provider in the event of contact irritation.

Apply lash serum to your upper lash line only

Due to having less eyelashes on the lower lash line, eyelash serum can more readily enter into your eyes causing irritation and redness. You can achieve great results by applying it exclusively on this area; after applying, blink your eyes 10 times to ensure its absorption into this part.

Wait at least 5 minutes before applying eye makeup

Allow your eyelash serum ample time to soak into your lash line before applying any makeup products to try to grow them. Applying mascara or eyeliner too quickly could lessen its effectiveness – allow five hours for the product to fully dry before applying makeup products.

One dip of the lash serum is enough for both eyes

Too much eyelash serum won’t provide additional benefits; using too much could actually harm your eyes. Therefore, only use one application on both eyes to maximize effectiveness – there’s no point using up too much serum!

Do not apply poor lash serums to your eyes

Eyelashes and eyes are highly vulnerable to toxic substances; therefore it is wise to refrain from purchasing low-grade eyelash serums on the market. Be wary of low-cost solutions which contain harmful toxins; ensure it comes from a reputable brand to ensure no adverse side effects occur.

Be patient to see the results of the lash serum application

Before expecting results overnight, take your time and give the treatment several weeks. Apply the cream regularly according to your daily schedule – don’t expect results immediately!

Benefits Of Using Eye serum

Long and fluttery eyelashes

Healthy eyelashes may serve as an indicator of general health. A variety of diseases, disorders and congenital conditions can lead to eyelashes falling out (often known as madarosis or milphosis). Fluttery lashes create more visually appealing movements of the eye with each blink or glance that comes your way.

Longer lashes make you look young

As we get older, our eyelashes become shorter and thinner, giving an increasingly younger appearance. Longer eyelashes seem to help give this impression; but this may not be solely to blame; thick and dark lashes have also been discovered to increase white portion of eye, commonly referred to as the sclera; more vibrant eyelashes mean younger looking eyes!

Long lashes are extremely catchy

Longer eyelashes appear more appealing, and in reality they serve an essential purpose – protecting our eyes from environmental toxins and dust pollution in the atmosphere.

They make your eyes look bigger

Long black eyelashes make your eyes appear larger, brighter and more vibrant regardless of their shape or colour. With natural eyelashes you don’t need to apply false falsies or lashes made out of glue that could potentially harm those with sensitive eyes by creating redness, irritation, and itching in their eyes. In addition, having natural length lashes means no need to go through costly extension treatments that use chemicals to lift and lift up eyelashes which may cause itching or irritation to your eyes during this process.