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A Guide to Goblincore Fashion & Aesthetic



What is Goblincore?

Cottagecore was all about the romantic, whimsical and idealistic side to country life. goblincore aesthetic clothes embraces the more rugged side of country living with delicate florals and flowing cotton dresses. Imagine wild mushrooms growing in a dank forest, nature’s imperfections, and getting muddy after a curious frog. Winter brings with it gloomier hues and unrelenting darkness. Goblincore is at the heart of country life. It encourages you to appreciate the slow snails that pass by, the ribbiting of frogs that are trying to make conversations, the mud you have sprayed all over your clothes, and to embrace nature as it is.

Many members of the Goblincore community who are not binary see this trend as liberating. They also feel that the community is accepting and kind. It promotes a relaxed, “you do what you want” attitude to living and embraces the imperfection of life.

This is sometimes referred to as the “urge of running away and living in the forest.” We all experience it at one point or another in our lives.

Where did Goblincore originate?

Even though Goblincore is a new subculture, it was first discovered on Tumblr in 2010. Like many other trends this year, it was popularized by Twitter and TikTok.

Reddit is a strong platform for the Goblincore community, with more than 26.5k followers currently.

What’s the difference between Cottagecore & Goblincore?

It might be difficult to distinguish between the two subcultures on the internet, which revolve around nature and fairies. It is actually quite easy.

Goblincore celebrates the fact that living among nature can sometimes mean getting dirty and covered with filth. It appreciates the “ugly” aspects of nature such as mud, toads and moss. The Goblincore community is big on mushrooms.

Cottagecore is more focused on the country and farm-living, while Goblincore emphasizes the magical joys of living in a forest like a goblin.

Goblincore Fashion

This culture values freedom and the ability to “be who you wish to be”, so there are no rules about how to dress. We have provided a list of key points about how the Goblincore community views fashion in order to inspire you and help you become a true goblin.

Thrift Shopping

Goblin culture doesn’t believe in expensive clothes or fast fashion. It’s all about what isn’t considered beautiful or beautiful and is often viewed as trash, worn out or ugly. You can shop thrift shops, as most people are familiar with this culture. You can shop online through Etsy and eBay if you’re interested in buying on the internet.

Earthy Tones

Goblincore fashion is all about nature and focuses on earthy tones such as brown, black, or sage.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing

Goblincores love adventure in the wilderness and prefer comfortable, worn-out clothes that don’t mind getting dirty. These could include loose or corduroy shorts, denim overalls or cropped trousers. Cardigans, oversized knit sweaters and chunky boots are all options.

Bags for Adventures

We all know that Goblincore fans love to collect little things while on adventures. It makes perfect sense that they love to keep small bags and fanny packs handy to store their finds.

How to wear goblincore

You don’t have to run through the forest barefoot in the rain, make friends with local pond residents, or go foraging for wild mushrooms. There are many ways you can embrace the goblincore aesthetic. But if you really enjoy all of those things, this is your chance!

There are many people who can channel the goblincore aesthetic at different levels. One end has Taylor Swift in her Folklore era. She lives in a cabin and plays a moss-covered piano, while also displaying a wardrobe that goes beyond what goblincore dreams can handle. The other side of the spectrum is represented by Liv Tyler and David Bowie in Lord of The Rings, Sarah Connelly in Labyrinth serving up looks that reflect the more mysterious side of the aesthetic. Bella Swan, Twilight’s edgy wardrobe perfectly captures the colours of this style and is perfect for casual wear.

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