Goddess Faux Locs With “Cuban Twist Hair”

Goddess Faux Locs with Cuban Twist Hair are all over the internet, from Youtube to Instagram to stars-studded events to Instagram.

What is the difference between goddess locs and regular locs? This is a great question. Goddess locs are often styled with curly skin hair or wavy ends, and embellished with gold jewelry. It gives them a royal look.

Trichologist and celebrity hairstylist, Dr. Kari Williams, is responsible for the Goddess Locs style. She was first credited with introducing goddess locs to the market in collaboration her celebrity client Meagan Good. Dr. Kari owns a Los Angeles hair salon where celebrity clients are highly sought after.

Faux locs have been more popular in recent cuban twist hair years. Faux locs can be seen almost everywhere, from the beach to on the red carpet.

Faux locs can be worn to protect your hair and allow you to make a change. Faux locs are a great option for those considering locking their natural hair healthier. They can give you an idea of how your hair will look after the process is completed.

You might be wondering what the differences between faux locs and dreadlocks, faux locs vs twists, or faux locs/braids are.

What Are Faux Cuban Twist Hair Locs?

Faux locs can be made to look like real loc or dreadlocks. This style can be made with human hair, yarn or synthetic braiding hair like Marley hair or Kanekalon.

To resemble real locs, the hair is tied tightly around braids or twisted in a downward direction. You must consider whether you want to use yarn or Kanekalon hair.

Faux locs are temporary protective styles that are meant to last for a short time. Real locs require a different maintenance schedule. Faux locs made of human hair salon are sometimes called goddess locs.

They are lighter and appear more natural. Goddess locs have become Meagan Good’s latest favorite style thanks to her role as actress Meagan Good.

Faux locs and goddess locs are likely to have different prices because synthetic hair is generally much more expensive. Marley and Kanekalon synthetic hair are the most common types.

It really comes down to what look you want when it comes to choosing the right hair for faux locs. Marley hair is preferred by some because of its natural texture.

Faux locs with kanekalon look smoother and shinier. It’s best to select the synthetic hair type that matches your hair texture for the natural look. The faux locs will cover your hair so it doesn’t have to match perfectly.

Traditional Goddess Locs Installation Method

You can make faux locs by using crochet and wrapping techniques. Wrapping involves holding sections of good for hair tightly against the base extension or braiding them. The other hand wraps the loc extension around until it is the length you desire.

  • Because this process is time-consuming, there are many ready-made extensions that can be used to install the crochet method.
  • Two methods can be used to install cuban twist hair crochet: hidden individuals/Jazz Nicole or the cornrow method.
  • The cornrow method involves crocheting the locs into a cornrow base. This is quicker but less versatile, especially if you prefer updos.
  • The individual/Jazz Nicole method is more flexible because the faux locs are crocheted into individual braided/twisted segments.
  • This allows the faux loc crochet extension to conceal the single braids/twists.
  • Hair Hack: You can combine both methods for a cheat. You could use the individual method to cover the outer edges of your hair, and the cornrow method for the middle.