Eye Makeup Trends for Spring Summer

Eye Makeup Trends

Eye makeup trends for spring/summer 2022 are becoming more glamourous: glitter, smokey eyes and 80s colors. These are the five hottest trends!

Eye Makeup Trends

Are you curious to see the top 5 eye makeup trends for Spring Summer 2022? Let’s find out which beauty trends will be most popular in 2022: mysterious smokey eyes, 80’s color chromatic accents, glitter accents, and graphic character makeup.

Smokey Eye Makeup Trends 2021

In 2022, bold colors and intensity are the key to smokey eyes. All the major brands in the industry are complicit in the use masks, and show us how to concentrate attention on the eyes, creating bold eye makeup for Spring 2022 that rewards dark colors.

The 2022 Smokey Eye Makeup Trends We are reminded of the 20s’ noir makeup, where the eyes were made with intense browns and shades such as navy, blue, black, and gray.

Eye Makeup 80s Colours

Eye makeup for Spring Summer 2022 will feature bright, eccentric colors from the 80s. Eye makeup that is extra glamorous will feature pink, yellow, orange and purple mixed in a smart way to create a glam look.

Eye Makeup 80s Colours False eyelashes and eyeliner make makeup look extravagant and very fashionable. You can find out more here. Find out the latest spring makeup trends for 2022 in our detailed review. Or, start selecting from the many Essence false eyelashes!

Glitter Line Under the Eyes

A line of glitter, either neutral or colored, is essential for Spring Summer 2022’s whimsical beauty trends. We will have the option to use different products for a glittery look with high visual impact. To avoid excessive fallout, powder glitter without a base must be glued to the skin.

Glitter Line under the Eyes You can mix and match colors or use contrasting shades. Dare to be bold!

Cat Eye Look

The Spring Summer 2022 eye makeup trends include the cat eye. This is a classic 50s look with black eyeliner that extends towards the outer corner of the eyes. This type of eye makeup, which is sophisticated and feminine, can be seen on the catwalks by big brands. It can be used with eye shadows in blue, pink, and even orange tones of brown and red.

Cat Eyes Look Too Faced is better than Sex eyeliner. The Punk color Eye-identify Haus Laboratories Eyeliners is ideal for this type makeup. L’Oreal’s Flash Cat Eye eyeliner is a great option for those who are less skilled.

Kohl Pencil All over the Eye

For the warm months, definition and intensity will be the key words to the makeup we’ll be wearing. Graphic makeup is a hot trend for spring/summer 2022. How is this possible? As seen in the Dior Spring Summer 2022 makeup shows, with a hint of kohl pencil eyes. The most elegant and dramatic color in summer 2022 is black.