Homemade Halloween Costumes for Women

Toil and trouble, double the fun! You need Halloween costumes, and it’s double time. You don’t have to run to the shop when you can probably find all you need at home. We have you covered, ladies, whether you’re looking for outfit ideas or the creepiest of nights. Here’s a list of Halloween costumes that you can make with clothes in your closet. Continue reading to learn how to make homemade Halloween costumes easy and stylish.

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Homemade Halloween Costume for Women: Cat Halloween Costume

A cat is a top choice for women’s classic homemade Halloween costumes. This is a great, easy costume for Halloween that can be used as a last-minute option. What is the main component? The main component? A set of cat ears. This easy Halloween costume accessory can be made at home in just minutes. Attach two triangles made of felt, cardboard, or paper to a headband. You don’t have a headband? You can use a bit of ribbon to do the job. Make sure it can be fastened around your head. Now for the outfit.

Homemade Halloween Costume for Women: Angel Costume

If you don’t like scary, then a simple handmade adult angel costume might be for you. An all-white outfit is all you need to accessorize your closet. A white, feminine dress will bring out the saintly vibes. Your personal style can make your angel stand out. Maybe your angel loves boho style. Choose a dress that has lace or eyelet detailing. You get bonus points for a ruffled edge or sheer, gauzy layers. You can also feel as elegant in a body-hugging, bodycon dress. Who wouldn’t feel amazing in a wide-leg pant with an ivory pair?

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Women’s Homemade Barbie Halloween Costume

You don’t need to make all your Halloween costumes at home. You don’t have to dress up like your childhood toys just because you are an adult. Say hello to Barbie for a pretty look that’s full of pink pops. This feminine look features rosy floral heels and a frilly blush gown. It also includes a bubble-gum pink wristlet. Barbie’s signature preppy style calls for pearls and other timeless gemstones. A wig is a great way to channel Barbie’s original style. You can also make your own Barbie Halloween costume and wear your natural hair in a glamorous style.

Homemade Vampire Halloween Costume for Women

We knew that we wouldn’t be able to do this without some spellbinding suggestions. For the woman who loves a more sexy costume, a vampire is the ideal choice. This costume can be worn with either a dark or brooding Burgundy color scheme. Make your vampire costume more attractive by adding a figure-defining dress that has a square or v neckline. Make a batty cape from a sheet of black or red fabric and tie it around the shoulders. Apply blood-red lipstick to your lips and use winged eyeliner. Black eyeshadow can be used to define the cheeks and give makeup a creepy touch. Even a Dracula-inspired widow’s peaks can be created by applying eyeliner to your hairline.

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Homemade Halloween Costume for Women: Scary Doll Halloween Costume

Barbie, it’s time to move on. Make your own scary doll costume for Halloween this year. You’ll love cottagecore if you like it. This women’s costume will transform your peasant blouses or nap dresses into stunning gowns. You can pair your dress with flats or tights depending on what you already have. You can go all Victorian with lace-up boots and frill-trimmed stockings, as well as bows in hair.

Women’s Halloween Costumes: Celebrities and Movie Characters

It’s always scary to dress up as a celebrity Halloween costume. By wearing your most flashy clothes, you can be a stereotypical Hollywood celebrity. To block out the paparazzi, think metallic leather jackets, large diamond-like jewels and sunglasses. You can also dress up as your favorite movie star or celebrity for the evening. Here are some of our top celebrity costumes for Halloween that we love.

Cher from Clueless

Are you tired of the 90s nostalgia? As if. With a handmade Halloween costume of Cher Horowitz (Clueless), embrace fashion’s love affair with the decade. Be the most liked girl at Bronson Alcott High with a yellow plaid skirt, solid cardigan and solid jacket. A matching plaid blazer is an additional style option. With matching white shoes, matching socks and valley girl slang, you can become a character.

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