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Pocket Watch Style Tips: How to Wear It



The pocket watch is a timeless accessory that you can wear to formal events. The pocket watch can be worn with a three-piece suit, jeans and a jacket or with jeans and a blazer. It’s elegant and practical and will complement any outfit.

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What are Pocket Watches?

The pocket watch was the most popular type of portable timepiece before the advent of the wristwatch. Despite the fact that pocket watches have fallen out of favor after World War II many modern watchmakers still make them. Pocket watches can be a great accessory for formal wear and provide watch-wearers with a stylish and fun way to complete their formal look.

Four Common Styles of Pocket Watches

You can make pocket watches from different metals, and they come in many colors. There are four main styles of pocket watches, each denoting how exposed the watch face is.

Open-face: A pocket watch with an open face does not have a cover to conceal the watch face.

Hunter: Hunter-style pocket watch with a metal spring-loaded cover that can be removed to reveal the watch face

Half-hunter: The watch face of a pocket watch with half-hunter is partially hidden, as the name suggests. The cover is protected by a glass shield that is covered in metal. This allows you to see the time and check it without opening the cover. You can open the cover to reveal the watch face.

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Double-hunter – Double-hunters are equipped with two covers – one for the front, and one for back.

Four Main Components of Pocket Watches

There are many types of pocket watches. However, they all share the same main components.

Watch: This is the most important part of the timepiece. It contains the clockwork, dial and covers.

Fob: This is the pendant at the end the chain. It makes it easier to take the pocket watch out of its place.

Attachment: A clip or bar attached to the chain allows it to be stored in a pocket or lapel. There are three types of attachments available: the Albert T bar, the bolt rings, and the belt bars (aka slide chains). A suit jacket or waistcoat is often paired with the Albert T-bar. The buttonhole keeps the Albert-T-bar chain in place. This allows the pocket watch to be stored in a breast pocket, or side pocket. Bolt rings work well for casual looks. They attach to your belt loop, trousers, jeans or chinos. Belt bar chains attach to the belt or to the top of your pants. This allows you to keep your watch in your front pocket.

Chain: There are two types of pocket watch chains: the single Albert and the double Albert. Single-Albert chain can be attached to your vest, waistcoat or other garment to allow the chain to be visible on the outside. Double-Albert chain have an attachment at the end of the chain, typically a T-bar. This attaches to your vest or waistcoat. The other end is hidden in a pocket on either side of the garment to give the illusion of two chains.

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How to wear a pocket watch

You can style your pocket watch correctly, no matter if you are following a formal dress code.

Pair it with a vest or waistcoat by pairing an Albert T-bar necklace with your vest or waistcoat Attach the one end of the chain at the pocket watch. Pass the other end through your waistcoat’s buttonhole. The pocket watch should be placed in the waistcoat pocket. You will see the chain on the outside of your clothing.

A suit jacket: Even if you don’t plan on wearing a three-piece suit there are many ways to wear a pocketwatch. A single- or double-Albert necklace can be used with a T Bar attachment. The T-bar can be inserted through your jacket’s buttonhole. Once the button is closed, place the pocket watch in the jacket pocket. A belt bar could be used; attach the belt bar to your pants or belt loop, and keep the watch in your trouser pockets.

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You can wear your pocket watch with jeans. You can attach your pocket watch to your belt loop using a belt bar if you don’t plan on wearing a jacket or vest. The watch will then be kept in your jeans pocket.

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