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Summer Cocktail Attire: How to Decode the Dress Code



Summer and soirées go hand-in-hand. No need to panic if your invitation arrives with a dress code that calls for summer cocktails. No matter if you’re headed to a lush garden cocktail hour or your favorite rooftop bar, we have you covered.

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These are some of the best summer cocktail attire outfits you can wear.

So what exactly is summer cocktail attire?

Summer cocktail attire falls somewhere in the middle of semi-formal and business casual wear. For any summer event, your favorite jumpsuits, dresses and two-piece options will be perfect. A breezy maxi dress can be worn as a casual alternative for a formal, long gown. This stylish and versatile option is more comfortable and can be worn for many occasions, including cocktail hour. Don’t wear your jeans all night, they are too casual for cocktail attire. Choose a pair of polished pants or a favorite skirt and a top with the latest trends, such as balloon sleeves and fringe detailing.

Summer Cocktail Dresses: Stay Classic

Summer cocktail attire is synonymous with dresses. This season’s dresses are stunning, dreamy, and rich in color. For a fresh look, we love midi dresses. Mid-length midi dresses should be between your knees and your ankle. To highlight your slimmest lower leg, avoid stopping your midi dress at your mid-calf. For the best fit, aim for just before or after mid-calf. Midi dresses that have a cinched waist enhance your waistline and lengthen your frame.

Get in the Summer Cocktail Jumpsuit Trend

A jumpsuit is a modern and stylish alternative to a dress for summer cocktails. It’s especially great if you have your favorite pair of blue jeans and tee. Jumpsuits are as comfortable as wearing pants with a top. They also make for a quick outfit. Jumpsuits made from heavier or more structured fabrics like silk, cotton, or linen will give you a professional look. Jumpsuits made of heavier knit fabrics offer more stretch and are perfect for cocktail hour.

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Summer Cocktail Wear for All Occasions

Your summer cocktail attire will include jumpsuits, trousers, skirts, and dresses. These essentials are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re at a club in the city or out on the beach to enjoy a cocktail party. These chic cocktail hour essentials can be styled in a variety of ways.

Happy Hour Summer Cocktail Ensembles

Did you remember when we were invited to happy hour in spur-of the moment? A blazer and pants pair can transform workwear into summer cocktail attire. You can relax after a long day at the office by removing your blazer and untucking it. For a casual look, tuck your blouse in your pants and loosely tuck your front tuck. Our secret tip? For those spontaneous style moments, keep a lacy camisole in your work bag. Quick changes after work can take you from the desk to the bar.

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Summer Cocktails for Beach-Ready

Sand and sangria go together. Drink cocktails at the beach while wearing a tiered gown. For an elegant look, the playful ruffles will move with the ocean breeze. Flat sandals are a good option to avoid sinking into the sand. A lightweight cardigan or chore jacket will keep you warm as the ocean breeze blows along the shoreline.

Summer Cocktail Ideas for a Garden Party

Spring trend prints are essential for a summer garden party hour. These include vibrant palm prints and delicate floral dresses that complement the surrounding flora. You can slip on sandals with a block heel or mules, or even a pair of mules. You can skip the stiletto heels so that the heel doesn’t get stuck in the grass. You can also style a cropped, wide-leg pant with a classic collared blouse with a stacked necklace. With its effortless style, an A-line dress made in chiffon fabric is sure to steal the show.

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Summer Cocktail Wedding Styles

A chic black romper is the perfect choice for a summer cocktail party. For summer, colorful drop earrings are a hot trend and will make a bold statement. Accessorize with these options and be bold. Add some color to your look with brightly colored shoes or a beaded clutch. You’ll be ready for the evening. A coordinating mask will keep you protected and safe for weddings with a large guest list. It’s just another accessory.

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