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Tips to Attract Retail Beauty Buyers to Your Skincare Brand



What Do Beauty Buyers Expect to See?

The message that came from the beauty buyers was evident when it comes to smaller artisan brands. they may consider stocking smaller brands, but they have some expectations. You must keep your eyes wide-open when entering into a contract with a chain of a significant size since this is a huge commitment to your company. However the chain can help your business and its skincare line rise into new heights and it’s certainly worth a look.

In all the presentations of the major department stores I wrote down my top tips for how to draw in customers to buy cosmetics products from the retail store. These tips were shared clearly from all three of the big retailers.

1. Buyers are seeking out innovations – you need to sell something that people would like to purchase. It could be innovations on packaging, the ingredients, in applications and technology, for instance. The company wants you to bring value for their customers.

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2. Customers want to see excitement around your product. They would like to see significant engagement of your brand with your followers and other users. Many potential buyers are likely to search your name on social media, and also check websites like Google Trends and Compete.com to discover what other people think about your product.

3. If you’re new to the market, it’s fine. There are many beauty buyers who will be eager to promote the latest brands but you must impress them. Certain retailers like Boots UK will be on looking for new brands to include as part of the Beauty Finds campaign where you’ll be featured in shops across the country.

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4. Know your niche and your target retailer’s niche too. If you’ve narrowed your business to appeal to just one particular type of skin or demographic, it’s an excellent way to build an audience that is loyal and an online brand that is successful. However, take note that larger retail chains will likely need to be able for a wider variety of skin types, so it is essential to be able to be appealing to more than one segment of their audience.

5. You might have to have multiple shelves with your items. A lot of skincare entrepreneurs begin with a small collection of just a few products (which is a good option to consider if you wish to lower your costs at the beginning). If you want to be featured in the shelves of large department stores like Selfridges it is likely that you’ll require more products to your collection and will most likely require to have many shelves.

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6. You have to stay in the know. Be sure to stay up-to-date with trends across the world. Some stores in the UK will be keeping an eye on the trends coming from Southeast Asia for example. The personalization of products for beauty is another booming segment of the market which big stores are watching with great attention. You must be aware of what’s happening within the world of beauty and to know what people are spending money on.

7. Being a natural-based company isn’t sufficient. A few years ago, it was enough being a natural or natural, organic brand to stand out as different in a market dominated by synthetic-chemical-based beauty products. But, in the present, you can’t attract the attention of a consumer by shouting about being an organic beauty brand. You’ll need to identify an area of interest within the naturals’ market and fine tune your message as well as your branding and marketing strategy to demonstrate why you’re unique and draw an extremely specific type of buyer.

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8. If you’re trying to reach someone who sells beauty products be straightforward. Certain shops (such such as Selfridges) receive around 20 boxes of samples each day. Therefore, when you mail an item to them, make sure you include samples, and a single page of details (keep the information brief and don’t overflow with details, they’re already flooded with information) Explain the reason you are targeting their customers , and then make sure to follow up with them afterward.

9. There could be some marketing expenses for you. The big retailers will ask you to participate to some degree if you wish to sell your products at their retail stores. Certain stores are more accommodating to smaller companies than others, but you must be ready to be a part of marketing in some way. Large department stores love retail theater and you’ll have to contribute to the theatre in some way through your company in order to be featured in their stores.

10. Do your homework. If you are pitching to a big retailer, demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm to stand out, be memorable, know your brand from head to toe and be a marketer. Retailers expect that you have visited their locations, spoken to their beauty advisers in-shop (if there are any) as well as their customers, and completed your research. It is important to demonstrate the reasons why your brand is suited perfectly in their store and also why their customers will appreciate your products.

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